col vis dialog close

col vis dialog close

khaoskhaos Posts: 47Questions: 11Answers: 0

Is there an event for the column visibility dialog closed? I found "column-visibility.dt" for the columns individually what i am looking for is when the user has made all their selections and the dialog holding the buttons closes.

My thanks in advance.

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  • colincolin Posts: 15,021Questions: 1Answers: 2,570
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    No, there isn't, as you said the events trigger on each click off the columns rather than the opening or closing of the form. Since the visibility occurs on each click, there wouldn't be anything to do when the form does close, as all operations would have completed.

    Out of interest, what would you want to trigger when the form does close? You should be able to use standard jQuery events for that.


  • khaoskhaos Posts: 47Questions: 11Answers: 0

    I had these edit buttons that would not render on previously hidden rows intermittently. I did use jQuery to handle it in the end. :)

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