SearchPanes 'CascadePanes' feature overriding 'paging' parameter in table.draw()

SearchPanes 'CascadePanes' feature overriding 'paging' parameter in table.draw()

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I've noticed that the 'cascadePanes' feature of SearchPanes is overidding the 'paging' parameter behaviour in .draw(). The current page is not held on a table re-draw.

I've seen this related forum thread and I've created this new example to demonstrate the issue, which extends the example fix from the other thread to demonstrate this new issue.

On my example, If you change the page on the table results then hit the 'Re-draw table' button at the top, the page is reset to 1 rather than holding its position as per the intended behaviour. Changing 'cascadePanes' to false returns what I believe to be the correct behaviour.

Hope that makes sense. I assume this is not intended? :) Apologies if it has already been reported elsewhere.

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