1.5 beta 4 released

1.5 beta 4 released

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Hello all,

Alongside the 1.4.3 release, here is 1.5 beta 4:

New: Added option for using original data for sorting and filtering (when using fnRender) - bUseRendered
Fixed: $ and ^ are escaped as regex characters now
Fixed: Filtering with a string as anything but a post fix filtered on the old result, rather than the full table.
Fixed: Hidden columns were a little broken
Fixed: Display overflow check in fnDeleteRow() corrected
Removed: Language directory in the distribution - language information is now maintained at datatables.net/plug-ins


Thanks for the bug reports!


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    Hi Allan,

    Thanks for the nice job and sorry for asking so much... may I ask if column filtering is suposed to work together with server-side processing?


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    Hi Roger,

    It most certainly is - although the implementation for it must of course be done on the server-side. The GET required will give you the following variables:

    sSearch_(int) - Individual column filter
    bEscapeRegex_(int) - Individual column filter is regex or not

    one for each column. With that information you can do individual filtering. Not that the backend on my server-side processing demo doesn't take this into account, it only does global filtering.

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    Thanks Allan,

    I've modified the php file to allow column filtering with your instructions and it works like a charm with a 12500 rows database and I also could JOIN columns between tables :-)

    In case someone needs to do something like that working with such long and joined tables, I sugest changing the event that starts the search, because otherwise the php file (or the database) is being called again before finishing and it gives a messed result.

    I'm very happy about your program... thank you so much,

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