Fixed Header with Ajax loading

Fixed Header with Ajax loading

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Thank you for your DataTables plug in. I have been experimenting with it for a few days now and love it. I am however having issues with the FixedHeader plugin. I am loading a table via ajax. Everything works fine the first time I load the table and apply fixed header. The problem is when I reload the table with ajax. I have tried the Update function however that did not work. I have also tried a few suggestions that I found in other discussions, mainly all around writing a destroy function. These have come close but after destroying everything as suggested and creating a 'new' fixedheader instance I have issues when I resize the window. It seems that the clone does not resize properly. I am also having poor performance issues with this approach. It seems to take on average about 1 second to destroy and create a new header. This is not all that bad but my table has the potential to be refreshed frequently.

$.get('SchedulingAjaxPage.aspx',{q:'load' , Bureau:strBureauList, rand:randomnumber} ,function(response) {

var temp = document.getElementById('divScheduleHolder');
temp.innerHTML = response;

if(fFirstLoad) {
fixedHeader = new FixedHeader( $('#people').get(0) );
fFirstLoad = false;
else {


Let me know if you have any suggestions. Any help would be much appreciated.
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