Disable submit on an empty input text field?

Disable submit on an empty input text field?

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Good afternoon

Is there an option for the editor to not allow submitting a form when a specific inpute text field is empty?
Or is preSubmit the only way to go through the fields and return false in case of an empty field?

thanks in advance


  • asleasle Posts: 96Questions: 28Answers: 0
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    Are you talking about a "required" field? Take a look at the https://editor.datatables.net/examples/simple/simple.html and the controller staff.php

            Field::inst( 'first_name' )
                ->validator( Validate::notEmpty( ValidateOptions::inst()
                    ->message( 'A first name is required' ) 
                ) ),

    You can not submit the form with an empty "First name" field.

    Ah, but looking over your question again I guess you would want to disable the SUBMIT button and not just a warning? Then the preSubmit could be the way to go but take a look also at disable(). This disables buttons.

  • allanallan Posts: 62,099Questions: 1Answers: 10,183 Site admin

    Yes, just to echo @asle's comment - generally I would recommend validation be done at the server-side since client-side validation is easy to bypass. But preSubmit is the way to prevent the submission based on a given condition.


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