Check boxes and related checkboxes...

Check boxes and related checkboxes...

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A few issues I'm struggling to resolve.

The first is to do with MySQL database and table structure to perform a complex query to get this conceptual relationship below working. FYI, this is for hierarchical JSON for a d3.js dendrogram.

The current query does not have the D data/relationships. Instead, U data is related to O data directly via a lookup table. There are only three types of D, and any single U will have only one D per O branch.

To add D data in between O and U is the problem.

I have thought about using two lookup tables:

O -> U

D -> U

But not sure if that would work.

If anyone is interested they can see


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    Re the other part of the question on Editor.

    Given the above relationships, on Create/Edit of a U (actually unit, as in an academic course unit..), the editor would need to relate the U to multiple O (Outcomes, which it's currently doing via a select list of Os), but for each O, select one of three Ds (development levels).

    The latter could be via checkboxes (or something else) but the solution would need to relate D **s for each **Os for the U One D per O (from a possible three types of D), for multiple O for the U being created/edited.

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    DataTables could display such information (in CloudTables linking allows n:m linking up to 5 levels deep for example) although it can get a little confusing depending how you display it (child rows is one option).

    Editor doesn't allow that sort of editing out of the box, but you could use nested editing to perform this sort of operation.


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