SearchPanes: CascadePanes shows wrong count on null data

SearchPanes: CascadePanes shows wrong count on null data

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Link to test case:
Description of problem: null data count always shows as zero.

I updated SearchPanes from 1.4 to 2.0.2 and stumbled upon a problem with wrong counting of null values.

Building the report upon original thread with wrong counts showing up in SearchPanes > 2.0 which was partially fixed in 2.0.2 and the provided example which I cloned and just edited two first names to null. (see: If you select the "no data" entry in the search pane the 2 values get correctly shown in the table.

Setting cascadePanes to false shows the right count of 2.




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    I had the same issue. Turned out SearchPanes had a problem with NULL values. In my case, I was returning data from a database query, with the empty cells containing NULL values. The counts for "No data" were always zero with cascadePanes activated, as you have described.

    When I modified the query to detect NULL and return an empty string instead, the counts were all correct.

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