How to use preDefined dynamically ?

How to use preDefined dynamically ?

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I tried to explain in English my problem.

I have a page with a datatable and searchBuilder. When I call my page i have some parameters like "public1.php?aep=1 for example

And i want to put , ''' { data: 'AEP', condition: '=',value: ['1'] }''' in ''' searchBuilder: { preDefined''' dynamically when the datatable is loading.
I try to make a object variable and put in criteria and put preDefined : myVarObject. But that not work.

I am looking for work with DataTable().searchBuilder.rebuild et getDetails() but when my DataTable is loading getDetails return Empty and when i put my varObject in rebuild that's not work

Tomorrow i try to translate my question in a better english :-p

Thank you very much in advance


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    Use URLSearchParams (docs) to get the query string parameters, which you will then be able to parse into the object for preDefined.


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