Paging issue using SearchPanes with cascadePanes set to true

Paging issue using SearchPanes with cascadePanes set to true

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Test case:

I am aware that there is a compatibility issue between SearchPanes and StateRestore - this might be linked to that issue.

Steps to reproduce in the test case:
1. Select any page of the DataTable other than 1, 5
2. Refresh the frame containing the DataTable
3. Page 1 is displayed, despite stateSave being set to true in the table spec

This occurs with cascadePanes set to true. If it is changed to false and the test re-run, the user-selected page is preserved on refresh.

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    Thanks for flagging this up. It looks like SearchPanes is resetting the paging on its own initialisation. I don't have an immediate fix for this I'm afraid, but I have logged it so I can look into it. Hopefully for the next SearchPanes release, but I can't guarantee that.


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    I've worked around this issue by saving the current page in sessionStorage when the user leaves the screen.

    I then placed this code after the table definition:

    table.on("init.dt", function (e: any) {
        if (sessionStorage.DTCurrentPage !== undefined) {
            let pageNum: number = parseInt(
            if (!isNaN(pageNum)) {
            // Remove saved data from sessionStorage

    Seems to be working well so far. Also, it has the benefit of returning to the selected page even when a filter has been applied, which does not normally happen with SearchPanes even when cascadePanes is set to false.

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