Why are sorting arrow/options appended to the second thead?

Why are sorting arrow/options appended to the second thead?

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In my example i have a table where i give the user the option to filter from the header instead of the searchbox. To do so I cloned the Thead tag. In previous versions there was no problem with doing so. In the latest updates i get as result that the sorting options are apended to the filter thead to. Why is this happening and how do I keep the sorting on above thead tag?

See below the test case I created.



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    I'm not sure what's changed that could've caused that, but this example from this thread may help, as it's demonstrating how to do just that,


  • allanallan Posts: 60,307Questions: 1Answers: 9,793 Site admin

    Use orderCellsTop to tell DataTables to use the top row for the ordering icons and event handler. Updated example.

    What version were you updating from? That option has been around a long time.


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