Creating DataTable while div is hidden

Creating DataTable while div is hidden

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I have a problem with header in DataTable while using scroll y. If I create Table this way:

    type: "POST",
    url: 'formularze_dane.php',
    data: {login: val1, type: 'user_accounts'},
    success: function(result){
      $('a[data-toggle="tab"]').on('', function (e) {
          $.fn.dataTable.tables({ visible: true, api: true }).columns.adjust();
        destroy: true,
        "paging": true,
        search: true,
        autoWidth: false,
        select: {
          style: 'single'
        "aaData": result, 
        "columns": [
        { "data": "id_nonprod", title: "ID" },
        { "data": "login_nonprod", title: "LOGIN"  },
        { "data": "system", title: "SYSTEM"  },
        { "data": "typ_konta", title: "TYP KONTA"  }
      $('.dataTables_scrollBody').css('height', '50vh');

Everything Is working just fine:

But when I add scrolling bar:

scrollY: true,
"scrollCollapse": true,

Headers are messed up:

But if I click on the header to sort items in table, they are repaired:

It's worth maintaining that div in which table is placed have style="display: none;" while table is created. Later on user can click a button to display it $('#div').show();

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