A weird thing while using Datatable

A weird thing while using Datatable

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i am trying to print contents of a table on frontend using DataTable in reactjs. So i am facing this weird problem, like i get all data but it prints empty rows(although count of entries remains same with DB). i was first doubtful if the content itself is coming on front so i added a checker and when it is ticked it displays my data for that element. So, my data also comes intact when i press that tick box just that it is not printing on frontend. Any solution?
Some pictures:
1) Whole Table to print using DataTable on frontend.

2)Data of 4th element of that DB that i want to print is coming when i select it but it is not displaying on front:

3)DB i used to fetch entries:

Note that i have tested it with one other DB and a custom array, it works fine with that.


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    Can you link to a test case showing the issue please?


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