Export SearchBuilder results (with Server Side Processing)

Export SearchBuilder results (with Server Side Processing)

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Hi all,
I am using datatable editor with "SearchBuilder" and the server side option set to true (I have a data set of more than 500,000 rows).
I need to export the results of the queries in xlsx, and knowing that button extension exports don't work with SSP, my guess is to get the details of my SearchBuilder query, send it to a php file which will query the database and generate the excel file with the results.

How would you recreate the mysql query from the searchbuilder query?
I tried the searchBuilder.getDetails() method but what would be the better way to transform the return into a valid mysql query?

Thanks for your help


  • parcivalparcival Posts: 28Questions: 8Answers: 0

    You could use the SearchBuilder.GetDetails() method to get the current defined query and send it to an alternate server side endpoint queries for these options manually, or possibly editor-server endpoint that returns an excel file download instead of JSON.

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