[bug with fix] FixedHeader left with th elements

[bug with fix] FixedHeader left with th elements

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Hey, I just wanted to report that FixedHeader (left) doesn't work with TH elements. Obviously it makes sense that if you want to lock the left part, it's some kind of a header and dataTables itself supports TH elements in the table body.

Quick fix for current nightly:
Line 746:
Change: [code]$('td:gt(0)', this).remove();[/code]
To: [code]$('th, td', this).filter(':gt(0)').remove();[/code]

Anyway, still having some other strange Issues with FixedHeader left.. like positioning issues and it seems that it's modifying my original table. I'll have to look into it..


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    The above works for me, thanks! (I also have some other issues, though.)
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