Only first button set defined is showing.

Only first button set defined is showing.

scottjacksonburrowsscottjacksonburrows Posts: 4Questions: 2Answers: 0

JQuery 3.6.0
Datatables 1.13.2.
Buttons 2.3.4

I have two sets of buttons defined.

I make them visible by attaching them to a div called "toolbar" that is attached to the table via:

tbView.buttons( 'btnViewData:name' ).container().appendTo("div.toolbar");

Notice the name of the button group "btnViewData".

For this question I only append one set. Notice the wrong set appears.

For some reason only the first set of buttons defined is showing at all. And if you notice the
button set that I attached first is not showing at all. I get no errors reported just one set shows
and its not the first one that I appended.

It appears to be displaying the first thing after the div.


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