Regarding pagination on client side

Regarding pagination on client side

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Dear Allan,

When "sAjaxSource" value is given , the searching,sorting,pagination operations on client side are getting disabled ,is there any way to enable client-side processing.

The requirement is Once the data comes from server and gets loaded into datatable the pagination,searching,sorting components should not make any request to server. They should process the data obtained from server on client-side. Where as reloading of new data is done seperately using fnDraw() called during other events.



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    Hi Kedar,

    Sounds a little odd that! Here is my demo of sourcing a JSON file but doing client-side processing on the retrieved data: . From there, reloading of data should be done using either the fnReloadAjax plug-in (if you want to reload the entire table) or fnUpdate with your new data.

    Hope this helps,
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