Persistant modal "Copy to clipboard"

Persistant modal "Copy to clipboard"

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Description of problem:
I have the following code, with multiple buttons but when I click on the Copy Table, a modal appear and do not disapear even when clicking on it or elsewhere.

                        dom: 'fBrtilp',
                        buttons: [
                                extend: 'copy',
                                text: '<i class="fas fa-copy"></i>&nbsp;Copy table',
                                titleAttr: 'Copy the table in the clipboard',
                                exportOptions: {
                                    orthogonal: 'export'
                        destroy: true,
                        searching: true,
                        search: { regex: false, smart: true },
                        data: holesDriversData,
                        columns: holesDriversHeader

The modal content is

Copy to clipboard
Copied n rows to clipboard

The dependencies were generated through
 * Included libraries:
 *   JSZip 2.5.0, pdfmake 0.1.36, DataTables 1.13.1, Buttons 2.3.3, Column visibility 2.3.3, HTML5 export 2.3.3, Print view 2.3.3, FixedColumns 4.2.1, FixedHeader 3.3.1, Scroller 2.0.7, SearchBuilder 1.4.0, SearchPanes 2.1.0, Select 1.5.0

How to fix this issue of modal not disapearing ?


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    It appears to work as expected here, so can you link to a test case that shows the issue please?


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