Are custom panes now supported in SearchPanes 2.1.2?

Are custom panes now supported in SearchPanes 2.1.2?

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"It is worth noting that custom panes will not be supported by server-side processing in SearchPanes 1.1 but this is something that we are aiming to provide in the future with SearchPanes 1.2."
- from

If they are supported, is there a different syntax to get them to work? I got a test partially working (returns "undefined" and the correct number of results) by using the following:

    "searchPanes": {
        show: true,
        header: 'Vacuum Range',
        options: [
                value: function(rowData, rowIdx) {
                    return true;

According to the examples at, though, I should be able to use rowData[0].

If this is not currently supported, any idea when it will be?


  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 20,591Questions: 26Answers: 4,823

    I'm pretty sure the custom functions will work with only client side processing. When you look at the count you should notice they total the number of rows displayed on the page not in the table. This is because it is only processing the rows displayed in the client (those shown on the page).

    When server side processing is enabled all search functionality takes place in the server script. The server has no knowledge of the custom Javascript functions created. @allan, if appropriate, can the custom search functions docs be updated regarding SSP support?


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