Add build targets for NuGet packages

Add build targets for NuGet packages

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datatables NuGet package does not copy the *.js files when PackageReference is used instead of packages.config. The reason for this is that build targets are not embedded inside the package. Please provide a build target file inside the package.

For reference, you can use to see how TinyMCE have solved this problem. You need a folder called "build" and then create a *.target file which will copy all the *.js files to www or bin folder when the solution is built.


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    How do you use PackageReference? Part of the problem here is that I nearly always use npm, so I'm not consuming the Nuget packages myself. Any insight on how we can update our Nuspec files would be most welcome. Surely there must be a way where we don't need to create duplicate files in a "build" directory?


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