Datatable not show record from list javascript

Datatable not show record from list javascript

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Hello, I'am new to datatables and I want to load data from list json javascript.
I load data in list via this script javascript

function costruisciListaOrdini(result){
    let vet = null;
        vet = JSON.parse(result);
   catch (e) {
      alert("sto qua 0 "" "+e.message);
   let lista=[];
   if(vet != null){
      let i=0;
      for (i=0;i<vet.length;i++){
        var obj={};
        obj.Cliente=vet[i].cliente.nomeCliente+" "+vet[i].cliente.cognomeCliente;       
  return lista;

and after in other function javascript i create datatable with this code:

function recuperaOrdiniAttivi(){
    let json_dati='{"operazione":"5"}';
           data: json_dati,
           type: 'POST',
           contentType: "application/json",
           processData: false,
           async: false, //blocks window close
           success: function(result) {                            
                listaOrdini = null;
                 var table = $('#tblElencoOrdiniAttivi').DataTable();
                        paging: true,
                        ordering: true,
                        info:     true,
                        responsive: true,
                        data: listaOrdini,  
                                columns: [
                                            { "data": "Codice" , render: function ( data, type, row ) { var html='<p>'+row.Codice+'</p>'; return html;}},
                                            { "data": "Cliente" , render: function ( data, type, row ) { var html='<p>'+row.Cliente+'</p>'; return html;}}
                                columnDefs: [
                                       { targets: 0, width: '10%' },
                                       { targets: 1, width: '10%' }

Buw whent tables is created no record display in tables, when list json has 2 record.
why table not see record?
Thank you very much

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    There is nothing obvious in the code snippets. Do you get any alerts or errors in the browser's console?

    Can you post the value of listaOrdini after this statement?



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