Bootstrap 5 CSS Grid Support

Bootstrap 5 CSS Grid Support

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Just curious... are there any plans to support Bootstrap 5 & CSS Grid option being enabled? The 2 big changes with this option enabled are:

  • Replace instances of .row with .grid
  • Replace .col-* classes with .g-col-* classes

Don't know how much work this would be to add but was curious as it seems like they may be starting to head towards a mixture or complete replacement.


  • allanallan Posts: 60,903Questions: 1Answers: 9,927 Site admin

    No plans at the moment - however we only use the grid / columns in the DataTable features layout (i.e. paging, filter, info, etc). You can place the overall DataTable control inside a grid container.

    Would there be any benefit to us using grid rather than columns for the layout of the table's features? Or is it just that you consistently want to use grids on your site?

    Changing this sort of thing will be a lot easier with DataTables 2. This is how it defines its Bootstrap 5 display renderer. To use grid would just be a case of updating those classes / replacing the renderer with one which uses grid classes.


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