calendar modification

calendar modification

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I have two fields that are initialized like this

                        label: "Internal Years:",
                        name: "InternalYears",
                        type: 'readonly',
                        attr: { class: "form-control", min: 1, type: "number" }
                        label: 'Whois Expiration Date:',
                        name: 'WhoisExpirationDate',
                        type: 'datetime',
                        format: 'YYYY-MM-DD',
                        attr: { class: "form-control", rows: "10", cols: "30", length: "1000", height: "400", width: "600" }

internal years can start at 0 or at x number and based on that number the calendar year should start initialized at the current year plus the number of numbers that appear there in internalyears
example internalyears 5 calendar 2028

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    As it's a read-only field, you only need to worry about how that field is rendered - so you could columns.render for that, and add that number to the current year.


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