Datatables Editor on google sheets

Datatables Editor on google sheets

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i want to use google sheet data as a database and i would like to know if database editor works into google script. Its possible to add it into google scrips and make it work in google sheets, adding new records, editing and deleting? If possible, where should we place PHP file? Thank you.


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    This thread discusses it briefly. It would need the server to use the Google Sheets API. That integration hasn't been made yet, so it's something that you would need to implement, I'm afraid,


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    It is crucial to provide a more detailed answer to the initial query about integrating Google Sheets with DataTables. While we appreciate Colin's brief contribution, it is imperative to delve deeper into the topic.

    We need specific guidance on the capabilities and limitations of using Google Sheets with DataTables, especially for CRUD operations using Google Apps Script. Some pending questions are:

    Are there alternatives to simulate a database in Google Sheets without PHP files?
    What performance and security implications should be considered?
    Are there code examples or resources to implement solutions with Google Apps Script?

    If PHP is required, what options are there to host and run these scripts interacting with Google Sheets?

    I encourage the community, particularly Google Sheets and Apps Script experts, to share their knowledge. A comprehensive answer will benefit both the original author and future users with similar challenges.

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    @PedroHMC I know this isn't the answer you want but I don't know of anyone who has created an example of using Datatables and Editor with Google Sheets / Google Apps Script. There have been a few threads asking about this but there haven't been any contributions, that I know of, to help the Datatables community understand the Google Apps Script capabilities for CRUD applications. AFAIK the Datatables developer has other priorities and hasn't taken this on.

    I'm not familiar with Google Sheets and Google Apps Script but I will provide some guidance from a Datatables and Editor point of view. The below is assuming JSON data can be used for the Google Apps Script CURD functions.

    One option to load Datatables data is to use Ajax. Datatables expects a JSON string for the table row data. Datatables requires the row data to be in an array where each row is an element of the array. See the Data array location docs for details.

    The Editor doesn't require the use of PHP. In fact it doesn't have any specific server requirements. The Client server protocol docs show the requirements needed for the server application to support. Datatables provides server side editor libraries with PHP being one of them. The question is whether these libraries can be interfaced directly to Google Sheets or if there needs to be an intermediary. Likely something will need to be developed on the Google Sheets side to handle the Editor's protocol.

    Please let us know if you have further questions or have any information/pointers about the Google side that will help.


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