Google sheets as source

Google sheets as source

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  • Bob_AscottBob_Ascott Posts: 2Questions: 1Answers: 0

    I have had a datatable on a web site using a Google sheeet published as JSON for years, and recently I am unable to access the Google sheet. I haven't touched the code in years and wonder if I am missing some changes in the way Google sheets are supported in DataTables

    Bob Ascott

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    DataTables itself doesn't explicitly support Google Sheets. However, if you can get the data from the sheet as JSON, then DataTables will be able to use that. My guess is that is what you have been doing, and perhaps the way the JSON is being served by Google has changed?

    If you can link to the page I can take a look. Otherwise, check what the response to the Ajax request is in your browser's network inspector.


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