I have been hacked !! Please help

I have been hacked !! Please help

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Link to test case:
Debugger code (debug.datatables.net):
Error messages shown:
Description of problem:

Hello friends my website has been hacked and all my data has been leaked, my website is hosted at gcms-notes.ca/tracker/application-track.php/. What can I do?


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    I'm not clear on why you are posting this in the DataTables support forums, although I do see that you have a DataTable on the page? Are you indicating the attack vector was DataTables somehow?

    If you are looking for general advice, there are better forums for network and computer security - StackOverflow for example. The first thing to is identify the attack vector and plug in. You should scan the whole system and restore from back ups. However, this is not a general computer discussion forum, it is specific to DataTables.


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