Multiple options auto-select - mouse only, no SHIFT

Multiple options auto-select - mouse only, no SHIFT

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Two of my searchPanes (3,4) contain values ranging from 0 to 100, with increments of 10. Normally, we would use a range bar select filter.

  1. Is it possible to include this filter inside the searchPanes modal? We prefer to have all filters within that modal.

Alternatively, we could use the 'multi' select option (only single options though) or opt for the default select option while holding down the SHIFT key to choose the desired range. We use the default option for all.

A recent request I received involves simulating a SHIFT key press between the first and second click. The aim is to automatically capture the values in-between the first and last selected values (inclusive of the first and last values). This would eliminate the need to use the keyboard for the two searchPanes tables.

  1. Could this be implemented only for the two searchPanes? Is there any other possibility for the requested multi select behaviour?

An auto-select version of the already implemented 'multi' option seems to be what we need. Maybe something like in this example

Thank you

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    Unfortunately no, a range filter is not possible as a pane in SearchPanes. I'd like to offer the ability to provide custom panes in future, but it isn't possible at this time.

    It is however possible to do a multi select without shift. SearchPanes uses the Select extension for DataTables and there is an example of multi-select here.

    Use the dtOpts property to pass specific details to a SearchPane for specific columns - see columns.searchPanes.dtOpts.


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