Add a class to a particular cell with createdRow

Add a class to a particular cell with createdRow

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I think this one is easy but I don't know how to access to the cell of my row.

First, this is my table. The columns 4 (à livrer) and 5 (livrée le) contain « dates » in the format year/week.

            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">vente</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">chef de produit</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">signée le</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">confirmation<br>commettant</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">à livrer</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">livrée le</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">réception le</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey">facturée le</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey txt-right">facture</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey txt-right">marge brute</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey txt-right">comm. nette</th>
            <th class="smallcaps dimgrey txt-right">restant dû</th>         
            <th class="filtre">signée en</th>
            <th class="filtre">commettant</th>
            <th class="filtre">type vente</th>
            <th class="filtre">matériel vendu</th>

This is an extract of the data with 2 infos I'm using to highlight rows with createdRow :

        "venteAlivrer": {
            "Code_affaire": "test2",
            "Code_rubrique": "LV",
            "Valeur_alpha": "2023/01",
            "annee": "2023",
            "semaine": "1"
        "venteLivree": {
            "Code_affaire": "test2",
            "Code_rubrique": "LR",
            "Valeur_alpha": "2021/47",
            "annee": "2021",
            "semaine": "47"

This is my datatable with some rows « highlighted » :

I want to add another class to the <td> who has the class livraison or target the column 4 but there is conditions (see below)

I thought I could do it at the same time of highlighting rows, but I failed !

Finally, this is the code for createdRow :

createdRow: function( row, data, dataIndex ) {
        var today = DateTime.fromISO(;
        var currentYear = today.year;
        var currentMonth = today.month;
        var currentWeek = today.weekNumber;
        var currentDay =;
        var contract_deliveryYear = data.venteAlivrer.annee;
        var contract_deliveryWeek = data.venteAlivrer.semaine;
        var deliveryYear = data.venteLivree.annee;
        var deliveryWeek = data.venteLivree.semaine;
        // s'il n'y a pas de livraison, on fait les contrôles pour mettre en avant les ventes à livrer
        if (data.venteLivree.Valeur_alpha == '') {      
            // GREEN = TO DELIVER
            if (contract_deliveryYear > currentYear ) {
                $(row).addClass( 'alivrer' );
                // I want to add the class fontw600 to the TD with the ID livraison
                $('.livraison').addClass( 'fontw600' );
            if (contract_deliveryYear == currentYear && contract_deliveryWeek >= currentWeek) {
                $(row).addClass( 'alivrer' );
                // I want to add the class fontw600 to the TD with the ID livraison
                $('.livraison').addClass( 'fontw600' );
            // RED = DELIVERY IS LATE
            if (contract_deliveryYear < currentYear ) {
                    $(row).addClass( 'retard' );
            if (contract_deliveryYear == currentYear && contract_deliveryWeek < currentWeek) {
                    $(row).addClass( 'retard' );

Thank you

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  • MelodyNelsonMelodyNelson Posts: 129Questions: 21Answers: 2
    Answer ✓

    Oops, it was a very long day... and forgot to use CSS !

    I answer my own post with the easy solution :

    .alivrer > td {background-color:#ebf5f0 !important;}
    .alivrer > td.livraison {font-weight:600;} 
    .retard > td {background-color:#ffe9e6 !important;} 

    But if there is a way to manipulate a cell inside createdRow, I'm interested, maybe I really need it another day :)

  • allanallan Posts: 62,469Questions: 1Answers: 10,258 Site admin
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    createdRow is passed in the tr element as the first parameter. You could use DOM / jQuery methods to select and modify the element there.

    Your CSS solution is far more efficient though I'd say.


  • MelodyNelsonMelodyNelson Posts: 129Questions: 21Answers: 2

    Thanks Allan

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