Datatables, Metronic and ColVis

Datatables, Metronic and ColVis

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Hey all,

I've recently purchased Metronic and have been trying to use it in a project. I have initialized datatables with the script they provide (basically just creates a "custom" renderer and sets some styles), and the ColVis button does not work anymore. The buttons appear (unstyled, but that's a problem for another time), but clicking on them does not modify the visible columns. There are no errors on the console. All the Datatable config is loaded using a Stimulus Controller, but that has worked fine until I switched to Metronic.

Sorry if this is the wrong spot for asking this question, I wasn't sure if this was a Metronic problem or a Datatable problem


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    Could you give me a link to your page and I'll check it out please? You can PM me by clicking my user name and then "Send message" if you can't make the page public.


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