Customer registration form that builds my database

Customer registration form that builds my database

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Hi all,
Im atm just browsing around to see what CT can do before committonf so be patient with me.

Me and some friends are running a conference. I am looking into using Cloudtables for our conference backoffice site to manage our guests.

As it is now our guests sign up to our event using a registration form on our Squarespace site. This is connected to and builds our guest list in a spreadsheet in Google drive.

I would like to have a similar form on our event site that writes to the Cloudtable database so that it can be viewed and edited there. How is this done?

Bear with me here. I promise to learn. I am not looking for a detailed explanation but would appreciate someone to point me in the right direction? Where can i read about how to do this?

Many thanks


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    To be honest, this is not the sort of thing that CloudTables specialises in. It won't present a form that your end user can fill in - it would show a form for all the data (i.e. the admin side), but not the end user.

    It would be possible to do that with a custom form and the CliudTables API, but it sounds like you are looking for low / zero code solutions.

    You'd be best looking at Retool, AirTable or something else for this.


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