Combine searchPanes plugin with Scroll with server Side

Combine searchPanes plugin with Scroll with server Side

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Description of problem:
I am trying to combine the Scroll plugin with the searchPanes filters plugin using Ajax.

When I load the table for the first time it works correctly, we see that as we go down a request is sent via POST where we send a parameter [START] with the first number that we want to consult in SQL.

If we apply a filter, the request is also sent to the server, and it returns the results, but as we scroll, we see that the [START] parameter does not change from 0 (that is, start) and does not work.

I do see that if I deactivate the SCROLL plugin and do it through the pager, the server returns the data as it should.

These are without filter, the first parameter when loading the website and then when scrolling:

The following image is when applying a filter and scrolling through the list:

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