BS5 CSS issue?

BS5 CSS issue?

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Description of problem: I don't have easy access to get a demo of this, but after having replaced the version 1.13.8 of BS5 styled DataTables (including all extensions) JS and CSS with the latest version 2.0.1, the CSS seems to have made some interesting changes.

The three items I noticed right off were:

  • the lack of margin between the top DOM elements (buttons, search, etc.) and the header of the table
  • missing top borders on the table header (with table-bordered class)
  • missing top (or bottom?) borders in the table rows

DT 2.0.1 compared to 1.13.8 shown in the two screenshots. New is on top, old on bottom.

Is this a personal problem I've got going on here, or a bug in the new DT CSS? Thanks!


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    Thanks for posting this, but I'm afraid I will need a test case showing the issue to be able to determine what is going on. I've just created this very simple example with Bootstrap 5 styling and buttons: .

    The buttons are correctly aligned, the table has bordering (from Bootstrap's table-bordered class).

    So yup, sorry, a test case is needed, or perhaps you can modify my example to demonstrate the issue.


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    You got it! I’ll scrap something together for you, and get back to you soon.

    Thank you Allan, I appreciate your help.

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