node_modules/ (951:2) @ extend ⨯ TypeError: $.extend is not a func

node_modules/ (951:2) @ extend ⨯ TypeError: $.extend is not a func

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Description of problem: i am trying to install Datatables and use it in my nextjs 14 project. If i use npm method - i get this error.
If i use cdn to put in the JavaScript files in a Script. I have to initialize the DataTable in a <Script /> tag? Then if i want to provide my own data from my api calls, it is in a normal function and i cant parse this data to the Initialization of my DataTable as it is in a <Script /> tag. This is what my layout.js looks like
<Script strategy="beforeInteractive" src="" />
<Script strategy="beforeInteractive" src="" />
<Script id="dataTableScript">
// const data=getClientData();
// console.log(data);
const table = new DataTable('#example');

                table.on('click', 'tbody tr', function (e) {

                document.querySelector('#button').addEventListener('click', function () {
                    alert(table.rows('.selected').data().length + ' row(s) selected');

How do i achieve my config, to use DataTables and provide my own API data to the table. Does the JS have to be in a <Script /> tag as it is not working outside it. If i use NPM to install, i get the above error of "TypeError: $.extend is not a function"
Basically where do i add the javascript logic to my next js project, besides from the script tag as i want to add external data from api to it.

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