DataTables 2!

DataTables 2!

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DataTables 2 is now available! It has been a long road, with some aspects starting back in 2018, but it is now generally available on the DataTables download builder and NPM. (It has actually been available for a little of a month before this post was written - but I've finally written up all the release notes for it now).

There are several pieces of documentation for 2.0:

I hope you enjoy using DataTables! If so, I would encourage you to support my work on the project by purchasing Editor if it can help your work, or a supporter package.

Please don't use this thread to report issues / bugs. Open a new thread with a link to a test case showing the problem, so I can track each issue individually.

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  • tacman1123tacman1123 Posts: 181Questions: 41Answers: 1
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    Congrats!! Very excited to learn 'layout', as the 'dom' element was always a bit of a mystery.

    And this! vanilla javascript, instead of jQuery!

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    For the next version, is it possible to include a center option for the layout feature (e.g. topCenter, bottomCenter)? Our company uses DataTables with Editor extensively and although CSS formatting almost provides the look we want, having a dedicated center option for layout would greatly improve the appearance.

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    @mrsearing-all Apologies for the delay in replying! There won't be a Centre position option (since that could be expanded ad infinitum) but 2.1 will have equal spacing between items on the same full row. So for example:

    top: [

    would do what you are looking for.

    2.1 should drop tomorrow :)


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