How to connect to a local database/table without php

How to connect to a local database/table without php

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I am currently using datatables, MAMP and php to display the records in a MySQL table. Is it possible to connect without MAMP and php? I was thinking of converting to sqlite as it is a basic non-relational table with less than 4,000 records. Any suggestions appreciated. Short example even better.

Thanks in advance, Frank


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    Sure - you can use whatever method you want to connect to the database. DataTables itself doesn't "care" (in so much as software cares about anything), how you connect to the database and get the data, just as long as it gets a JSON data feed.

    Our server-side libraries for Editor will work with PHP, .NET, and Node.js (Python coming soon). Database support includes MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL, and SQLite.

    If none of them fit your needs, the client / server data interchange used by Editor is fully documented should you wish to use your own server-side scripts.


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