Fomantic-UI Paging Query

Fomantic-UI Paging Query

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Hi Again

Running latest versions.

This is a non issue and not important - could you tell me if its possible to have the Fomantic-UI Paging Buttons behave similar to the Bootstrap ones - in that the square container (box) around the number activates the link?

I am currently working between the two themes and it only just dawned on me that on fomantic-ui I have to be very careful to click the actual paging number, I just thought my mouse was playing up all day.

There is no test case as the official examples show this difference:


There is no error I just wondered if someone could help.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Pete,

    I think that's a perfectly valid issue in fact! Looking at the pagination HTML that DataTables is creating, there are two issues: 1. it isn't actually valid(!), and 2. It isn't in the strcuture that Fomantic-UI is looking for. The fact that it worked at all, was a bit lucky (and also unlucky, because it worked enough that I never considered it broken!).

    I've just committed a fix and it addresses the point you raise as well. It will be part of DataTables 2.0.4 which I plan to release tomorrow.


  • foxy_stoatfoxy_stoat Posts: 16Questions: 5Answers: 0

    You never fail to impress or inspire...thank you for taking the time to look at it !!

  • allanallan Posts: 62,044Questions: 1Answers: 10,171 Site admin

    Thank you for your kind words :).

    That's 2.0.4 now available with the fix and the example shows it working as it should now (bit of misalignment in the paging control - I'll need to look into that as well).


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