dt-center does not work on numeric values

dt-center does not work on numeric values

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I'm facing an issue with the datatables.min.js script when integrating it into my project. When I use the script from the builder page, the dt-center functionality doesn't properly align numeric values. However, if I switch to using the datatables.min.js script from the nightly builds, dt-center works fine.

The reason I prefer the script from the builder page is because it includes sorting arrows in the table headers, which I find useful for my project. However, when I switch to the nightly build script to resolve the alignment issue, I lose these sorting arrows.

Here's a test case to demonstrate the problem: https://live.datatables.net/piqukeje/6268/edit

You can toggle between the datatables.min.js scripts to observe the issue.

Ultimately, I'm looking for a solution that allows dt-center to work correctly with numeric values while retaining the sorting arrows in the header. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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