Migrating to v2 - layout vs dom

Migrating to v2 - layout vs dom

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With v1.1 using the dom option, I can (relatively) easily add extra controls in the centre of the table:

Sure, it's not pretty; but it works:

dom: '<"d-flex align-items-center"<l><"mb-2 ml-2 pl-2 border-left --dt-go-to-page"><"ml-auto"<"filter-copy-doc-list dataTables_filter">><"ml-auto"f>><"d-flex"<"flex-fill"rt>><"d-flex align-items-center"<i><"ml-auto pr-2 border-right --dt-go-to-page"><"ml-2"p>>',

However, I can't see any way to replicate that with the new layout option in v2.

If I register the additional controls as "features", I can either add them to the top left or top right; I can't add them to the top centre.

The closest I can get is to use the top, without left or right, and use a function to return a DOM element. But if I use that, I can't see how I would append the built-in features at specific points within that element.

Am I missing something obvious? Or will I need to stick with the dom based approach, and therefore be blocked from upgrading to v3 when it arrives?

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    You aren't missing anything - that is a limitation in the layout option. Something I am looking into address for 2.1. I didn't really consider it for 2.0 because that sort of layout doesn't work well on smaller screens, but that was an oversight on my part - apologies! You aren't the first to ask about this.

    That said, it is possible in 2.0 with some custom CSS - use top: [ /* features */ ] to get an array of the features you want in the line, and then flexbox CSS to space them out evenly.


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