Dt-2.0 api useage

Dt-2.0 api useage

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The admin areas of my site uses the following structure...

Page Form
Table of records from Db

The usage scenario is...

1. Page 'ready' - Load table from Db and clear_Form() { reset_TableSort( oTable ); }
2. Select row from table - fill form with data
3. Update/edit form fields as needed
4. Submit form - update record in Db and clear_Form()

The problem occurs in the reset_TableSort function...

function reset_TableSort( thisTable ) {
    //  Remove highlight of selected row
    //  Set sort order to original order

In v1.0 I could pass the current oTable value to the function. But with v2.0 this does not work. I've tried passing this.api()

reset_TableSort( this.api() );

but this throws an error... thisTable.order.natural is not a function

What do I need to change in the reset_TableSort function to make it work?

As always... TIA for your GREAT assistance


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