Add edit/print/delete column with server side processing

Add edit/print/delete column with server side processing

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edited January 2012 in DataTables 1.8

I'm using server side processing to get the data from a mysql database. I'm rendering six columns, the first one being the row id (incremental) and the others simply user data.

I would like to add a seventh column with 3 links in the same column cell to be able to add links to edit, print and delete the row like…

Edit - Delete - View

How can I add these links using the id from the first column I have already retrieved? Is it something I have to do in the php processing file or can I achieve this when initialising the table in jquery?




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    You may want to take a look at this to take care of your Edit/Delete links:

    As for the printing, that would mean, you utilize the TableTools plugin...but I haven't much tried to integrate the table tools in particular.... :)
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    is there a way not with inline editing cause i just show 3 or 4 columns but i need to edit much more columns than that, i prefer to send the page to my edit.php?id=XX
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    Please do not cross post. You already have one on this issue
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