Fixing the top left cell when top and left headers are fixed.

Fixing the top left cell when top and left headers are fixed.

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I'm using FixedHeader and it works nicely for what I want to do. I'm fixing the top header and also the left column (actually two left columns with a hack to the code), but when I scroll right, the whole top header scrolls along with the data. I want the left-most cell of the top header to be fixed, no matter how I scroll.

If I fiddle with the ZIndexes, then I can get it to stay put while scrolling left, but then it scrolls up/down instead.

Is there a way to stop the top left cell from scrolling at all?

I assume the code doesn't support that at the moment, so if you have pointers for what would need to change to fix it, I'd appreciate it.



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    I've had a go at this, but I'm struggling a bit.

    I've cloned the table another time like a combination of the "top" and "left" clones. i.e. I clone the thead and then remove the cells to the right of the ones I want fixed.

    I set the zindex of this new clone to be greater than all the others.

    I made a new _fnScrollTopLeft function based on _fnScrollFixedHeader and _fnScrollHorizontalLeft. It's pretty much a combination of those two functions.

    In _fnUpdatePositions I call _fnScrollTopLeft.

    Unfortunately this is not working for me. Does the approach sound reasonable? Or am I on the wrong track?

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    Hi Wodin,

    I have implemented this (at least, well enough for my application :-) ). Please see

    It works for the top-left corner only, it works for the top_left.html demo, and it works for my application, but it doesn't work for the top_bottom_left_right demo. It looks like the width setting on the corner cells is wrong, but I don't know why.

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