Twitter Bootstrap Still Conflicts

Twitter Bootstrap Still Conflicts

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I have just started using DataTables (1.9 I believe) with the latest version of Bootstrap. I think the biggest problem I seem to be having is that in a fluid layout, span6 in to sDom option don't seem to be working. I'm not sure if that's because I'm using no columns and a fluid layout or not...there may be a relationship. It also seems no matter what I tweak in bootstrap, I always get my Show "length select" entries split onto three lines...which I assume likely has something to do with bootstraps forms defaults. I'm testing this with the Inayaili de Leon sample from the website (like the way it looks and can easily change the colors once the layout is right) if that makes any difference.

Can anyone give me some guidance as to what I should be looking at next?


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    Can you link us to your page showing the problem please? I presume you have all of these styles on your page ?

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    Took a while to get back...thanks for the input Allan...that version of the bootstrap CSS patches helped get me down the right well as seeing how I was messing up on some of the included script files which created the conflict in the first place. The only other things I added were some improvements to the length and filter css to get things laid out right.
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