Adding search filter, pagination, etc and TableTools to FixedHeader

Adding search filter, pagination, etc and TableTools to FixedHeader

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Hello all,
I've found a couple of posts related to this topic, but fairly old and un-answered, so I thought I'd start anew.

What I have is a DataTables implementation using TableTools and FixedHeader, and everything seems to be playing nice thus far.
What I'd like to do is put the TableTools buttons into the FixedHeader, as well as the standard search filter box, pagination buttons, etc.

Somewhat off-topic; I had to remove a space between the } and ) at the very end (line 916) of the FixedHeaders.js file in order to get it to work, and also replace the $ on line 173 with jQuery. Anyone else had to deal with that quirk? This was necessary for FixedHeaders to work in both IE8 and FF. Just downloaded FixedHeaders today, version 2.0.5.

All help is greatly appreciated, as always.

Thanks in advance,


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    Indeed, how to make a standard search filter window, button, page numbering, etc. in the bar fihedheader.
    I would like to see those buttons are always visible. And the panel would fit perfectly.
    But how?
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