multiple rows and headers are not in PDF or CSV export

multiple rows and headers are not in PDF or CSV export

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Hi i have got a table with data, and i need multiple rows into headers and footers of the table .
Datatables unfortunetly select only one which is unacaptable. Is there an option to put all rows of header and footer into import? It seems to me it is kind of unnecesary restriction have only 1 header row (and also rowspan or colspan doesnt work in export, even through it is supported by datatables). Any kind of help please ?


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    I am having similar problem where I have one header with the dates and other with the headers (names of column). It only exports the headers with the column names NOT the one with dates.

    Seeking help. :-(
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    i tried to get data from DOM with innerHTML but datatables somehow nulls ty inner value of HTML tag
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    Same here. I am using Table Tools along with DataTables, it a wonderful script and there is no competition for it. Definitely.

    I have been struggling to get the export to work with Complex Headers, i.e. having 2 headers rows, first one with ColSpan and the second one without it. In the export and Copy to clipboard, it only shows the second header row i.e. one without the ColSpans. Has anyone found a way to get around this? I have been banging my head on this for 2 days now without any leads.

    Another problem that I had been facing was to get the Table Formatting also copied to clipboard thus retaining it when pasting the table in excel. This used to work in ZeroClipboard script that I had used earlier for copying tables.I thought TableTools copy feature was based on ZeroClipboard and this should have worked. Not sure if its my Configuration which is at fault here.

    Anyone aware of a way through this?
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