Multiple table with "input" pagination

Multiple table with "input" pagination

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Hey Allan,

It seems that there's a bug with the input pagination (its an extension), the scenario is that I have 1 dataTable A with 100 entries, and I am displaying it 10 entries at a page (10 pages). And another dataTable B with 200 entries, and I am displaying it with 10 entries at a page (20 pages).

So what happen is that when I invoke both data tables A and B,

I notice that in data table A, I see that its showing page 1 of 20. But it only has 10 pages. When I click on "Next" on data table A, It will show 2 of 10 pages.

I think the problem is because the oSettings are shared between all the tables in the same page.

I had an ugly workaround where I just redraw the table (and put them into 2 different tabs) when switching tabs.

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you,



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    Hi Ray,

    There should be an oSettings object for each table on the page. The trick is to ensure that the API is using the right one for each table! On a quick scan through the code, I don't see anything that looks dodgy, but there obviously something is. Could you possibly post an example which shows this issue please? As can be seen in this example, the built-in pagination controls work: - so must be something in the plug-in...

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