server-side processing doesn't work

server-side processing doesn't work

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In my server
wamp server, php v.5.3.0
mysql 5.1.36
Windows XP
but it runs fine other php's displaying the ajax table and http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php , too.
I changed
$gaSql['user'] = "root";
$gaSql['password'] = "";
$gaSql['db'] = "mydb";
$gaSql['server'] = "localhost";
$gaSql['type'] = "mysql";
in server_side.html

Also, doesn't run in
but runs fine in:

A big question (for me)
It seems that needs a mysql.php in this server_processing.php that doesn't come with the download.
Where can I get it?

Thank in advance.


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    Hi ralberl,

    The mysql.php file simply contains:

    $gaSql['user'] = "";
    $gaSql['password'] = "";
    $gaSql['db'] = "";
    $gaSql['server'] = "localhost";
    $gaSql['type'] = "mysql";
    The reason I've done this is so that I can have this file outside the directly that I use for DataTables, so I can simply ZIP that when making a release and not worry about giving my SQL user/pass out to the world! It's just a security precaution on my part basically.

    So the obvious questions are, is the mysql_connect() working on your installation (i.e. is the user correctly set up on the server with the correct permissions etc), is there a database it can read, it is correctly reading the database? etc.

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