Reuse Uploaded Image on other rows

Reuse Uploaded Image on other rows

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The upload seems to work very well. What I want is where the user can select from a list of images already uploaded (maybe with a filter) OR upload a new image. How can I accomplish this?

Currently it works but every row in the Editor uploads a new file. This can be a problem if the user wants to update the file that might be linked on multiple rows.

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    Currently what you would need to do is use a left join with a different field. Then have a renderer which would select between the left joined information (if present) or the image specific to that row.

    Its a bit of a pain I know - sorry!

    Longer term I do plan to introduce a new plug-in for Editor which is basically a gallery picker so you can reselect uploaded files, and that could be done at the moment with a custom plug-in, but it isn't code that is available (or yet written).


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    OK. I'll just create a separate image table for now and then use a select with the names. I also need to be able to filter the images. I have something in mind that will work. Thank you.

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