Datatables Export Hidden columns to Excel

Datatables Export Hidden columns to Excel

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I have datatable with some fields hidden i.e. something like:

ID | Name | DOB | Edit/View
1 | Alex | 01/01/90 | View
2 | Jen | 02/02/1995 | Viiew

Fields named Occupation, Passport Number, Address are hidden.
And So on. The question is,when I want to export the data, it only exports ID, Name, DOB and View. It doesn't export Passport Number, Address and Occupation to excel.

Is there any possible way too do it?

Any help will be appreciated.



  • colincolin Posts: 8,619Questions: 0Answers: 1,442

    Hi @ingila ,

    Hidden columns are exported, see example here. If you're not seeing this, could you modify that test case to demonstrate the problem,



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