Master-Details tables

Master-Details tables

Alex.ZaikinAlex.Zaikin Posts: 36Questions: 3Answers: 0

I need Master-Detail pattern. But the child row is also table.
The look and feel have to be similar to this example with ag-grid:

I am generating html tables with help of *ngFor, than decorate them with datatable attribute
I am using DataTables in Angular. So respective example would be appreciated!



  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 10,627Questions: 25Answers: 2,427

    Looks like you are asking about Child Detail rows as shown in this example:

    Looks like you want the Child to be a Datatable. Not sure there are Angular specific examples of this. You can start with this blog which discusses Editing Child rows with the Editor. If you aren't using Editor you can ignore those parts of the document.

    Here is another example of child detail rows as a Datatable:


  • Alex.ZaikinAlex.Zaikin Posts: 36Questions: 3Answers: 0

    Thanks for the response.
    I would be nice to have example for Angular Datatables component with such detail DataTable.

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