Sort table column with datalist as input

Sort table column with datalist as input

Jacob Hamfeldt KoldJacob Hamfeldt Kold Posts: 3Questions: 1Answers: 0

In my table i have 6 columns where the table drawers looks like this:

<td><input list="datalist1" type="text" style="width:90px" name="participated-id-1-11911" value="Ingen data"></td>
<td><input list="datalist1" type="text" style="width:90px" name="participated-id-1-10645" value="Kommer"></td>

with datalist1 looking like this.

<datalist id="datalist1">
<option value="Ingen data">
</option><option value="Kommer">
</option><option value="N.S.">
</option><option value="Afbud">

How do I make these columns sortable? { "bSortable": true } doesn't work.


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