Editor License Question

Editor License Question

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I would like to confirm my understanding of Editor's License agreement. The license is per developer. As I read it, I see no restriction on where or how software built with the Editor is used. Specifically, I was checking to see if I can use Editor in an Electron application or include it in Progressive Web App pages. Are there any restrictions on either of these uses that I am missing?

And a technical question. Assuming Editor can be used in an Electron desktop application, do you know if Editor is compatible with Electron?


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    Your reading of the license is correct. In the context of an Editor license a "developer" is someone who writes code that interfaces with Editor (options, events, API, etc) - if there is only one person developing the code (and it is not being redistributed in a form whereby the end user can modify the code - e.g. as a theme or in an open source project) then a single license is all that is required.

    If your Electron app is just being distributed as an executable package, and not with the source, then then that would be fine. If your app was open source, then that would require licenses for anyone else working with it / installing it.

    Is it compatible with Electron - I've not tried it, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be since its just a Chromium environment.


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